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The Honolulu Pen Women held the 2011 Biennial Art Show – When I Was a Kid
Honolulu Country Club, May 22nd to June 25th.

The show offered 41 different works in a variety of media: oil, acrylic, charcoal, watercolor, graphite on gesso and mixed. Juror Jon Hamblin was moved by the depth of thought and feeling in the work, and was especially taken with the richness and power of female energy evident in the art.

2011 Awardees:
The Gloria Foss Award
($250) – Dee Van Dyke for “Never Was a Kid”
The Joyce Award ($100) - Margo Goodwill for “Good Kid Clothes Line”
The John & Victoria Left Wing, Right Brain Award ($100) – Elsha Bohnert for “Father”

First Place – Anita Benson for “Into Deep Water”
Second Place – Kaethe Kauffman for “As a Child I Loved to Dance”
Third Place – Yasuko Abeshima for “Silent Buddies”
(First, second and third place awardees received $25 and a one-of-a-kind award ribbon by artist Kris Barry.)
People’s Choice Award – Marcia Zina Mager for “My Curious Game” ($50)

The opening reception, hosted by the Honolulu Country Club on June 5th, was a golden opportunity for attendees to drop into the theme of the show and demonstrate the ageless “kid” within, with games like “Pin the Ear Back on Van Gogh,” the ever-popular “Musical Chairs,” and “Balls Away,” with prizes all around. Although the Honolulu Pen Women may be very serious about art, writing, and music, we welcome the chance to kick off our shoes at a party. We owe a special thanks to co-chairs Margo Goodwill and Elsha Bohnert, as well as Victoria Gail White for creating and hosting our playfully elegant reception.

Co Chairs: Margo Goodwill and Elsha Bohnert

Right: Kris Barry and her basket of cheer


Juror Jon Hamblin

Elsha Bohnert (right) receives the Left Wing,
Right Brain award from John White


Juror Jon Hamblin, center, with Margo Goodwill, Victoria Gail White (VP) and Susan Killeen (P)


Juror Jon Hamblin with winners: Dee Van Dyke, Anita Benson and Yasuko Abeshima

The End of the Evening


Right: Margo Goodwill “Good Kid Clothes Line” (Joyce Award)



Marcia Zina Mager “My Curious Game” (People’s Choice)

Yasuko Abeshima “Silent Buddies” (Third Place)

Dee Van Dyke “Never Was A Kid” (Gloria Foss Award)

Kaethe Kauffman “As A Child I Loved To Dance” (Second Place)

Anita Benson “Into the Deep” (First Place Award)


Elsha Bohnert “Father” (JVLWRB Award)

  Click here for a slideshow of the Art Show event   

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